About Us

Board of Directors

  • Kim Bryan – Deputy Chief of the Economic Development Division at the New York City Law Department
  • Jenneh Kaikai – Policy Advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development
  • Pedram Mahdavi – Senior Advisor for Real Estate to the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development
  • Kim Vaccari – President of New York City Local Development Corporation and Chief Financial Officer of New York City Economic Development Corporation

Other Local Development Corporations

  • NYCLDC has not provided funding to any local development corporation.
  • The following directors, officers and employees of NYCLDC also serve with certain other local development corporations, as set forth opposite their names below:
Name Current NYCLDC Position Other Local Development Corporation1 Current Position in Other Local Development Corporation Beginning date of overlap
Arthur Hauser Assistant Secretary BNYC Assistant Secretary 9/17/13
Spencer Hobson Executive Vice President & Treasurer BNYC Treasurer 5/24/12
Pedram Mahdavi Director & Chairperson Hudson Yards Development Corporation Alternate Director 9/27/18
Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation Alternate Director 9/27/18
Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Director 12/2019
Kim Vaccari President & Director BNYC Chief Financial Officer 9/20/12

Click here for information on simultaneous service on or after July 1, 2012 (i) as a director, officer or employee of NYCLDC; and (ii) as a director, officer or employee of another local development corporation, that has ceased.

1The following abbreviations may be used in this chart: Apple (Apple Industrial Development Corporation) and BNYC (Build NYC Resource Corporation).